Thursday, June 25, 2009

Québec's Birthday!

Yesterday was our National Holiday here in the province of Québec, Canada. We explained to Sean the reason for the celebration and he kept saying it was "Québec's Birthday!" Very, very cute!

I love my province, I love to celebrate it. Unfortunately, I sometimes go into this holiday backwards because I know some french extremists will turn it into a "language" thing. There was a bit of trouble this year, as anticipated. Don't get me wrong, I love the french language, which is actually my first language. But those extremists basically believe that the english language has no place whatsoever in our beautiful province. They actually wanted to stop english-music groups from playing in the festivities! Anywayyyyyyy...

Our day started at Jarry park, where the kids and I went to see Keith play a softball game. We came home and got in the pool, which was at 80 degrees. Niiice!

My mom, brother, BIL and FIL came by around 2 and we went in the pool again. My mom had to leave around 5 because she volunteers at the Mondial Choral going on right now in Laval. The rest of us enjoyed pork chops on the BBQ, sangria and some more swimming. We had a great day!

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JJ Sobey said...

This bloke prefers not to leave the house on the 24th. I always attract the nutters.

Mickey said...

Such a cute photo!