Thursday, June 04, 2009

A publication + Fruits & Passion goodies!

It's always fun when the UPS guy comes up to my door. I always know something scrapbook-related is coming my way! Today, I received the 5th anniversary issue of Scrapbooking & Beyond, where you can find 2 of my layouts. On page 29, you can see my feet in the ocean when I was in Cuba last year. On page 52, you'll find my husband Keith and my daughter Kira. This is one of my favourite layouts ever!

I must say, I am greatly impressed by this magazine. I find the quality of layouts has gotten much better. Also, it's a great mag to work with; Jane, the editor, is always on top of her game!


My friend Bella gave me an exclusive invitation for a warehouse sale at Fruits & Passion, where she works. I went there last night. It's completely out of the way for me, but I knew it would be worth it! I'm not a big "body cream" girl, but I love to smell good! So I got a few "eau de toilette" (Purple and Human for Women are my favourites!) and a bunch of ambiance sprays for the home. I got one called Mistletoe, which came out at Christmas. Bella kept spraying it in her house and I love it! So I got one, as well as the hand soap. Add to that a hand repair cream and a few soaps and I'm a happy girl!

Now, I must say, there was a *lot* of waiting involved. The "exclusive" invitation wasn't so exclusive after all, LOL! I waited to get in, and I waited a lot to pay. But I didn't mind waiting. I know they do the best they can. I did mind the free-for-all inside, though. There were way too many people inside, so it was very cramped. And people were walking every which way, so we kept trying to find a way through. I think if I could suggest something to the people in charge of it all, I'd say:
1.Don't let as many people in at once
2.Make sure people go one way, not both (clockwise is always good) ;)

But no matter what, I had fun and got some nice goodies. Sure glad I went!

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Suz said...

Congrats on your pub

Isabelle said...

congrats on the pub! i admit some women can get totally crazy at these sales! looks like you got some good goodies!