Monday, June 22, 2009

I miss Star Trek on TV

When I was little, I used to watch a little Star Trek on TV.
Nothing on a regular basis, just once in a while.
I remember one time when I asked a friend of mine what she was doing that evening.
She said: "I'm going to be watching a new incarnation of Star Trek, it's going to be called Star Trek: The Next Generation."
Why I still remember that, I don't know.
Maybe it was a sign of things to come.
Back then, the only connection I had with Star Trek was that I had a crush on William Shatner (aka Jim Kirk in the original Trek) as he was seen on the show Rescue 911.

Don't laugh at me.
He was sexy to me.
I would watch the show with my mom and she totally knew I had a crush on him.
I must've been 10 years-old.
I've always had a thing for older men.
And bald.
Patrick Stewart (aka Jean-Luc Picard from TNG)?
Totally sexy.

In 1995, I started dating Keith (who's now my husband) and the rest is history.
By then, Next Gen was finished, but Deep Space Nine was in full swing, in its second season.
Keith has always been a fan.
A big fan.
Not one to walk around in full Klingon gear (there is nothing wrong with that, I'm just saying!), but a big fan nonetheless.
Voyager was starting its first season.
I started watching both because it was something Keith loved.
Little did I know it would take over my life!
I watched reruns of TNG (I have seen them all more than once since) and some of the original series.
I absolutely loved DS9.
But Voyager is my favourite.
I know, I know.
A lot of Trekkies will say only ST or Next Gen can be considered favourites.
But you know what?
Voyager is the first one I saw live from the very beginning.
No need to catch up, no need to get history lessons.
I absolutely loved it and I still do.
So I fell in love with this crew stranded 70 000 light years from home.
I beamed when Naomi Wildman was born on the ship; I was in shock when Kes dissapeared; I cried and cried when Neelix left...
I absolutely loved it and I still do.
I had all the episodes on tape.
When Sean was a newborn and I spent hours on the couch just nursing or lying down, I watched Voyager.
It marked his first months.
I know Voyager better than Keith does, and that's quite something!
I enjoyed Enterprise too.
Scott Bakula turned out to be a good captain, and I really enjoyed Malcom.
It only lasted 3 years.
I wish it had been more.
But it's okay.
The movie franchise has gotten another wind; we'll be seeing more of Star Trek.
And in the meantime, I can be happy watching the shows on DVD.

Oh, and my favourite character on Voyager?
The Doctor, of course!

See a theme going on here? ;)

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amy said...

i used to watch it on TV with my dad...often. after seeing the movie, i wish they had a made-for-tv show that's just as good!

Kate said...

Well, at least they come back on the Sci-fi channel! I thought Capt Kirk was hot too! ROFL!

Sandie said...

I'm exactly the same. I watched Star Trek... but was in love with Spock. My Mom loved Kirk. I have autographed pictures of both of them, and 2 letters from Leonard Nimoy to me, when I was around 4years old. Wild eh I wasn't into the new ones until most were already off the air. Now.. I watch them all. Go figure. But my fave of faves? Voyager. Katherine and Chakotay. Ideal grouping. Awesome awesome awesome.

Lynn said...

i was hoooked as well and thought capt kirk was a hottie. i got into tng too and loved picard. not so much the other. you can always find a rerun somewhere - gotta love satellite.

JJ Sobey said...

You just wait - someday I'm going to get you in a costume and take you to a convention.


(You'd make a great Klingon) :P

Jenniwren32 said...

Too funny! I'm a Trekkie too - I used to love Jean-Luc.

Make it so, number one!!! :)

Pamela said...

LOL..I never did watch Star Trek on tv...any of them. But I did recently go see the new movie...and I really enjoyed it. :)

Jessica said...

I can totally relate to how important a tv show is to you! I loved reading your story.
For me, its Beverly Hills 90210.

deana said...

So... is Keith an older man, too?

Cute post... :-)

Never been a Star Trek fan, but I must be a fan of older men, as I married one... LOL! :-)