Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Dude's getting better!

This is what Sean (aka The Dude) looked like on Monday:

Severe conjunctivitis in both eyes. He woke up on Sunday screaming: "Help, help, my eyes are stuck!" When he opened his eyes, they were bright red, poor little thing! I didn't even ask him to make that sad face, that's how bad he felt! At least, it doesn't hurt him.

It started on Friday afternoon, he told me one of his eyes was red. Indeed, it was. But it got better. On Saturday, it was still slightly red. Then Sunday morning arrived... We went to the CLSC (Keith got in line at 6:45 AM to make sure we'd be first) and the doc gave him drops to put in both eyes twice a day. He doesn't like the drops, but it's working wonders! He's doing *much* better today.

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Anonymous said...

Dude,you're sooooooo a Campeau.AAMOF both you're uncles had the same thing at 5 too ! Beleive me you'll remember it when you're kids will have it :-(

Oncle Sylvain