Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Great day!

I had so much fun at Bella's today! She had made some sugar cookies in Easter shapes and had gotten all the royal icing ready. All we had to do was decorate them! The kids had fun. I mean, it's not in my house that a lot of baking goes on, lol! They loved the icing, and the sprinkles and the chocolate chips and more sprinkles.... Sean even put shaved coconut on his cookie, and later, after eating the whole cookie (which is surprising for my son, no joke!), he told me he likes coconuts! :)

We made hamburgers for dinner, b/c that's what Sean asked to eat. Sean eats about 5 things in total, and hamburgers have never been on that list. He's never even tried it! Well tonight, he ate the whole thing!!! My boy has become a monster, lol!

Okay, I'm writing this while listening to my playlist, so I'm not sure I make any sense. Check out this song by Lex Land, As Much As You Need, that I discovered during an episode of Brothers and Sisters (even if the YouTube vid has PP as a still). I like her!

And here's a summery layout to celebrate the snow we had today! ;)


*Paula* said...

What a pretty layout! Hope your snow goes away soon!

Audrey said...

oh yum -- that layout has me craving some fresh garden corn! Can't wait for summer, though I'm sure you'd agree a little spring would be nice first!

Ash said...

This is a really cute layout! Love the colors and design.

Hope you had a great birthday :)