Thursday, April 30, 2009

30. I love me some JilliBean Soup!

I remember when I worked in retail at Coles and then Chapters, we were told to be nice to our customers. That sounds obvious, right? The reason they gave us? One positive experience is shared with one other person; one negative experience is shared with ten. That got me thinking: it is true that as a race, we humans tend to bitch about our bad experiences a lot more than we are to share our good ones. Why is that, you think?? I'm not sure... But I never forgot that. I also promised myself that when I get good service, I would tell others about it. I believe a company who takes care of his customers deserves more attention than one who doesn't.

Which is why I'm here to tell you Jillibean Soup has great customer service! Last week, I was getting ready to use their Green Graph Alphabeans for the first time when I noticed they hadn't been cut through properly; they were ripping off the sheet. I immediately contacted them, telling them what my problem was. First thing the next morning, I got an email saying a replacement sheet was on its way to me. Five business days later, I received my replacement sheet, plus 2 other alpha sheets, plus journaling sprouts and felt flowers!

It's important for me to share, because in a world where customer service seems to be lacking, it's nice to know some people still care.


Kate said...

always nice to hear about a GOOD company for a change!

Linda Rodriguez said...

Great to hear this!