Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday TV Habits

I love Sunday nights because it means The Amazing Race and Damages. It also means Brothers and Sisters, but that one doesn't rank as high on my list as the other two.

First off, let's talk about Damages.

Right now, I am watching season 2. Season 1 was much better, IMHO, but season 2 doesn't dissapoint. Glenn Close is awesome. Every time we think Patti Hewes can't possibly be behind something that's going on, we find out that she is. She is just awesome! If you're gonna start watching, make sure you watch season 1 first.


The Amazing Race.

What can I say? This show is, well, amazing! It's the only reality tv show I would take part in if I could. I looked into it, actually, but it's only open to US citizens. *sigh*


Brothers and Sisters.

I started watching this show in the second season. I caught a recap show of the first and decided to keep watching. It's a good drama, funny at times, touching at others. Oh yeah, and I have a crush on Matthew Rhys! ;) I hear he's no angel irl, but I don't much care, lol!

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