Thursday, January 15, 2009

On my mind today...

1. Right now, I am using Keith's new work laptop to write this. I'm glad I will be getting one of my own soon, because it's awesome to be blogging from my couch! :)

2. I am slightly freaking out right now because the layout that I mailed to CK on December 30th still hasn't made it there yet. Joannie has been incredibly nice trying to see if she could track it down, but right now all we can do is wait. She told me she can wait until Friday, but no later... I'd be missing my first pub in CK, argh!

3. Kira has an earache, and it really bothers her when the Motrin wears off. I didn't want to brave the intense cold we have right here to then wait 5 hours at the CLSC. Luckily, I have an appointment with my family doc tomorrow, I'll have him check her out. I'm pretty sure she'll need antibiotics.

4. I'm gonna miss my pals on Friday night since I can't go to the crop. Let's get together at some point this week girls, deal?

5. TOOT!!! For the second month in a row, Scrapbook Trends has requested a layout for publication. It'll be in the June issue, and it's probably one of my favourite layouts ever!

Thanks for reading, ttyl!


Susan Beth said...

OOOOH that would be frustrating about the CK layout. I hope they get it today!!!! And congrats on more Scrapbook Trends. You are awesome!

Terri Davenport said...

I also hope your layout arrives today. How frustrating for you! Congrats on the ST request!

Lisa Dorsey said...

Oh, Claude!!! I hope your layout gets there soon. How terrible to miss that. How long does it usually take for LOs to get to the US? Congrats on your ST pub though. That is awesome. Good luck at the doctor.

Sending Hugs,

Barb said...

Oh, I hope your LO makes it there in time. When I've mailed stuff in the past (not overnight, but the cheaper rate), the delivery standard is 10 working days... and it's usually band-on, so hopefully, it will arrive today! Fingers crossed!

Oh, and congrats on your second ST toot in a row! Wow! You'll have to share your secret with me. lol