Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Heard recently in our household

Sean is 4 (with a speech delay). He is slowly incorporating french went he talks. Kira is 20 months.

Sean comes in the door, back from grocery shopping with his dad.
ME: You went shopping with Daddy?
SEAN: Yes. The gwocewy sto'.
ME: You went to the grocery store?
SEAN: Yes. Take off sandals.
ME: You're right, you have to take off your sandals.
SEAN (holding a Transformer called Ratchet and bending down to greet our cat Nuage) : Nuage want to play Watchet.
ME: He wants to play with Ratchet?
SEAN: Yes. It's for MOI!


The kids are eating animal shaped crackers and keep asking me what type of animals they are.
KIRA: Dat?
ME: It's a seal.
KIRA: Cecil?


Sean is obsessed with Transformers these days.
SEAN: Mommy, y'name Optimus Pwime (read Optimus Prime). Kiwa th'name Watchet. I Megatwon (Megatron).
About 15 minutes go by where we all have to call each other by these names.
SEAN (giving me a hug): I yove you Pwime!


Doesn't get much better than this, does it? :)


denine zielinski said...

Aren't kids just so cute? Great things to remember!

Lisa Dorsey said...

I just love that age! I love how you documented those conversations. I wish I had been blogging when my girls were that age.

JJ Sobey said...

OMG - These are ADORABLE stories! You know you need to scrap these, right? ;)

Ash said...

OMG! Love the expressions your kids have come out with! This is the stuff that scrapbooking is made of.

Isabelle said...

LOL! that`s too funny! they do say the darndest things, don`t they!