Sunday, July 20, 2008

Softball and scrapbooking!

I'm not sure if I mentionned this, but Keith broke his finger a few weeks ago while playing softball. He wasn't able to play for 2 weeks and he was really dissapointed. It's the only thing he does for himself (except go watch football at Champs when the NFL season is going on). Also, he was having an incredible season! Two home-runs, not many strike outs. Dissapointed is actually probably not strong enough a word.

Anyway, he decided to see if he could play on Friday night. He waited as long as the doc told him to, and his finger wasn't hurting anymore. Before he left, I said "hit 2 home-runs, okay?" But I was worried. What if he didn't get back to his previous form? What if the "magic" had gone? Well, guess what??! He hit a double and 2 home-runs!!!!!!!!! He was beaming when he came home! I am so happy for him, I don't even mind having missed the friday night crop at Scrapbook Centrale (well, not too much!)


Friday also marked the beginning of Keith's vacation, I'm so glad I'll have him home for 2 whole weeks! The kids will love it too!


Yesterday, Keith offered to go do the grocery shopping with the kids so that I could stay home and scrap. It's so nice to be able to scrap without any interuptions, with grown-up music in the background instead of Barney!!!!! :)
I actually scrapped 3 layouts, and I love every single one of them! I can only show you one because the others have to be photographed (some things wouldn't show right on a scan). It has a very unimaginative title, but it's one of my favourite pictures from Cuba! I love the late-afternoon sun lighting!


My whole family is coming over tonight for sushi, so I'll tell you about that tomorrow!

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barb said...

I love that photo you scrapped... and the page turned out wonderfully. :)
How did your sushi dinner go?