Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Family... and a few layouts

As you may have read few days ago, someone in my SIL's family passed away last week. Which means my brother Richard, my SIL Elizabeth, my niece Evangline and my nephew Owen went down to Perth, Ontario from Golden, BC for the funeral. While my SIL stayed in Perth with her sister and my niece went back home for work, Richard and Owen came down to Montreal and are staying with my mom until Elizabeth and Evangeline come back to meet them. They will be staying until August, how cool is that?!

Anyway, Richard, Owen and my mom came over yesterday and it was really fun! We hadn't seen each other since my dad passed away in November 2006, that's quite a long time! Kira was barely a few weeks old then! Now she walks and talks and everything a 19-month-old does!

Sean had a blast with his cousin Owen (who is 12 years-old). He took cae of Sean and they played together in the pool. I took pics, but since I haven't asked my brother for permission to post them, and can't show you guys yet. In a few days, I hope!

It is so HOT out today, it's crazy! I'm walking around in my underwear in the house, the fan going strong. I am soaked and water bottles are not only used to drink, but also to cool off by putting them on my neck, on my chest, on my back... I'm sure glad I'm not hugely pregnant (or even small, don't start rumors!) like my friends JJ and Erin! It must be torture for them, all this heat!
I'm leaving you with a few recent layouts.

This one is for my Cuba album.
This one is based on Ruth's sketch (below), posted on Scrapbook Centrale.


JJ Sobey said...

That's one of those cruelties of life - you only get to see some of your family when there's a funeral to attend. :(

I'm glad you're getting to spend the extra time with your brother though - that must be wonderful!

Yeah - the heat stinks. If it weren't for our little window AC unit, I think I would have killed somebody by now.

Isabelle said...

great layouts! i especially love the one from Cuba!