Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A few things today

Well, first off, I am happy to say that I finally joined a gym! I've been talking about it for a while and now it's done. Pro Fitness Gym in Fabreville. They were the cheapest and really, all I need are a few machines, weights and the occasional class. No need to pay twice the price for stuff I don't need. And they are actually really well equipped, I don't think I'll have to wait in line for a bike like I had to at Nautilus. They have tons! Now if only I could convince Caro to join me!!


In other news, Keith was named player of the week for his team in the Ligue de Balle Molle Amicale! He has been having an awesome season, I am so proud of him! He's hitting like crazy. I'm glad he plays softball, it takes his mind off of his work, which is quite difficult on him these days. Here is what they wrote:
Aigles 5 vs Harfangs 12…Une partie à sens unique en faveur des Harfangs, qui
grâce à cette victoire, s’emparaient seul du premier rang au classement général.
SÉQUENCE : 1- 0 A , 5-1 H, 8-1 H, 10-1 H, 12-1 H, 12-5 H. L’ÉTOILE DU
MATCH : Je m’en voudrais de passer sous silence la performance de Marc
Vanier, qui est venu à un simple d’un carrousel, mais mon choix se doit d’être
le surprenant Keith Beauregard. À lui seul, Keith a scié les jambes des joueurs
des Aigles grâce à un circuit dès la première manche, bon pour trois points. Une
première claque en carrière pour «Good Looking» dont les noirs ne se sont jamais

And now, a few random pictures taken yesterday in our backyard.

Isn't she adorable in her little skirt?!
I love how his smile goes a the way to his eyes!
She was playing with water on the deck, hence the wet hair and drop of water on her chin!


barb said...

Congrats on joining the gym! :D
Congrats to Keith for being named Player of the Week.
And your pictures... those kids of yours are adorable!

Ash said...

Good for you for joining a gym!!! That's really fun.

Cute pics too btw!

Thanks for letting me know about that typo on Pat's website! I can't believe I didn't see that. :)