Monday, September 10, 2007

Kira has a tooth!

She started crying because of her teeth at 2 and a half months! Yes, two and a half!!! Some of those early days, I was sure I wasn't going to make it; i mean, she was crying up to 8 hours a day! Poor little thing! Then, I went to Isabelle's place and she gave me this teething necklace (or at least similar to that one) that you can get at any good natural products stores. The very next day, she stopped crying completely!!!! It was amazing! Isa, I can never thank you enough for the gift! :-)

Anyway, it worked really well until about a month ago. I guess it works while the gums are getting "ready", but once the tooth actually tries to pierce the gum, it's a whole other story! You could see the tooth come up because Kira had a huge bump on her gum that was getting bigger and bigger every day. But the tooth wouldn't actually pierce through. Poor little sweetie, she was in pain. Grumpy, not wanting to eat much (which is rare for her!) and couldn't sleep without waking up 9-10 times a night wailing...

Then on Sunday... There was the tooth! Aaaahhhh! Finally! She sleeps much better now, thank God! As soon as I can get a picture of the tooth, I'll show you!

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