Thursday, April 05, 2007

A few updates

I know I'm the only one who's gonna find this funny, but I still have to share it with you! As you know, Sean hasn't been talking for very long. Right now, he says quite a few words, no sentences, really. He has, however, started to figure out that he could put two words together. He's just not sure how to use this knowledge yet, lol! So he sticks to what he does know. So, about a month ago, he started out with:


Why do I write it this way? Because when he says it, he says the word "more" and then takes a long pause, as if he had to think real hard about the word that comes next! Really cute, if you ask me! ;) Then, 2 weeks ago came:


If you read my previous posts, you know that "chu" stands for "jus" (juice, for you non-bilingual people!) His first bilingual "sentence"!

And just a few hours ago he said:


Now that I found hilarious! Not even 3 years old and he's using his limited vocabulary to ask for more soda!!! We are big caffeine-free Diet Coke drinkers here, so I guess it was bound to happen. Perhaps that's why I think it's so funny!


Yesterday morning (Tuesday), Sean woke up with a fever of about 38. Not much, but it's very unusual for him. So unusual that it has never happened, actually! In fact, except for the occasional cold, the dude has never been sick! I know, I know, he's (I'm) lucky, but think about it: once he enters kindergarden, it's gonna be hellish! He'll catch anything and everything! Anyway... He had a fever, but nothing else seemed wrong. I could tell he wasn't feeling good because all he wanted to do was lie down on the sofa, watch his shows and cuddle with me. I think Kira knew he needed me because she was a perfect angel all day, letting me take care of Sean as much as I could! He napped from 10:45 AM to 3 PM. All day, he did not get up from the sofa. If you know him, you know it's rare! He's always on the go!!

Then this morning, he woke up early and still had a fever. He asked for some juice and stayed on the sofa again. Then, at around 7:15 AM, he let me know his left ear was hurting and he started crying! The poor little thing, I never saw him look so bad! My mom-heart was breaking, it's hard to see your child in pain! After calling my mom to ask her to meet us at the clsc, I left with the kids and he was first checked by a nurse. After seeing that he had a 39.4 temp, she wanted to give him some Tempra. I tod her I never give him any because he always throws up when I do. Ever since he was a baby, he's had a huge gagging reflex. Anything that tastes bad or has a weird texture will make him throw up. Anyway, the nurse said she'd try anyway. I warned her that I knew what I was talking about, but she wanted to try. After he took in half the dose, what happened?? He threw up all over the floor! I had warned her, LOL! So she gave it to him as suppositories (yup, 2 of them!); you can imagine that didn't go down very well with him! When the doc finally saw him, it turned out nothing was wrong with his ear, but he has a really bad case of conjunctivitis. Sean was probably hurting but couldn't figure out where, that's probably why he was showing me his ear. Anyway, now at 8 PM, his fever broke and he his a new "man"!!!


Fleur-de-Lys said...

Je trouve ça cute, moi, les aventures langagières de Sean ;) Particulièrement "more chu"... C'est trop cute, un enfant bilingue, ça me fait craquer !

Puis pour les microbes versus la garderie, ne t,en fais pas... Florane n'avait pas tellement été malade avant sa rentrée à 2 ans. Elle avait eu un pied-main-bouche et un rhume ou deux mais sans plus. En 10 mois, elle a été malade à peine 2 fois: une grippe et une otite.

Ça peut TRÈS bien aller ;)

Roseanne said...

Interesting to know.