Monday, March 26, 2007

For my 100th post...

.. I will (yet again), brag about my son! What can I say?

Last week, I was putting on his boots to go outside. They are Winnie the Pooh boots, and there is the word "Pooh" written on the side. As I was putting one boot on, he was holding the other. Suddenly, I hear: "P-O-O-H!" Okay, he had no idea what he was spelling, but at least he recognized the letters! I was in shock! He knew how to say "o" (he says it for the number 0, too), and he had said P a few times. But "h"??? That was a shocker!

He can also count to 12 now, although 11 sounds different every time and 12 sounds like "douje". It does annoy me no end, though, that he has decided to change "F"s to "P"s. So what used to be "fo" (4) it "po" and "fi" (5) is now "pie"!

He now says:
-kaka (for Kira, not the prettiest nickname but beggars can't be choosers, LOL!)
-okay, although it sounds more like "kaƩ"

He is also well on his way with the potty training. He's proudly wearing "Cars" pull-ups and he can tell when he's wet b/c they become cold. He gets all excited when I tell him "we're gonna go on the toilet". I don't use the word potty b/c he goes directly on the big toilet, with an adjusted seat. He lets me sit pull down his pants, sit him on the toilet, but then he doesn't know what to do and he starts to giggle!! Soon, I'm sure!

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Isabelle said...

wow, he's making good progress!