Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I told you we'd go the the Star Trek Experience! I was able to do both "rides". They are actually a real-life recreation of Star Trek, with the sets and actors in uniform and everything! It was fun to be on the bridge, to have a Borg come at you, to get "attacked", to be beamed to the ship... I just had to get off for the last little part, where they were going in the shuttle. Since that part has a lot of bumps and jolts, a 6-month-pregnant lady could not partake! So, a Starfleet officer escorted me to an alternate method of transportation, a turbolift (if you are not versed in Star Trek, it's an elevator, lol)! But I'm telling you, I was grinning from ear to ear the whole time we were there.

There's also the Star Trek Museum, which includes a lot of costumes and props from the show. We asked a guy working there if everything was authentic, and he said that they were supposed to be but that Mike Okuda (technical advisor on ST) was there a few weeks ago and told them that one of the props wasn't the original, since HE has the orinal in his office! The guy wouldn't tell us which prop it was, though, lol! Posted by Picasa

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