Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Here s/he is!

It doesn't matter that I've been through this before, this was just as amazing as the first time around!

Except for the whole "having to pee" part, I enjoyed every single minute of my sonogram. Seeing the head, and the arms, and the legs, and the heart... WOW!! I am in awe of this little thing!

Baby was moving a lot, so it was hard for the doc to get a good picture. You can see the spinal column pretty clearly, and s/he's looking straight at you!

As those of you who know us know, we didn't ask for the sex of the baby. I like the whole surprise of it all. You give birth, fall in love, who cares what the sex is, right?

I can feel baby a lot now, it's amazing. Somehow, I feel more in tune with my pregnancy body this time around. Probably because I know what to expect. I can't wait for Keith to be able to feel baby too, but right now, it's too subtle. I also wish I could start showing, LOL! I have the smallest 19 week belly you have ever seen!

Well, that's my good news of the day, thanks for sharing in my joy! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Looks like another cute kid, sis. I didn't know you were blogging. I'll look in often!

Je t'aime


~ Andrea ~ said...

Awwww Claude, thanks for sharing your little one. I love how he or she is looking right at you, as if to say "Hi".

Josée said...

Toooo Sweet !
Je sais comment tu te sens, c'est tellement un moment merveilleux !
Sauf que moi je suis vraiment trop curieuse, je voulais absolument savoir le sexe de mon bébé! Je te trouve très bonne de garder la surprise !

christina said...

i didn't know you had a blog claude. i love that sonogram pic you can totally tell that h/she is looking right at you. isn't pregnancy amazy. i loved being pregnant.

May said...

So much joy!!! CONGRATS!

SageHen said...

Congratulations! I love sonogram moments.

Anonymous said...

Claude, I love the sonogram!
Wow, isn't it wonderful, knowing your caring a little life and that in a few short months that little baby will be cuddled in your arms?

I loved being pregnant. I loved my babies more!

Congratulations and best wishes for your family. That's a great can sure see "baby2"


~*~Mélane~*~ said...

Ah.... je guess une tite fille !!!!
Je suis super heureuse pour toi Claude, tu le mérites amplement ce beau bébé !
Profite bien de ta grossesse, c'est un moment inoubliable dans une vie !
Merci d'avoir partagé ce petit bonheur !