Friday, July 28, 2006

Caro wants a blog update... here it is! This is gonna be pretty random, I've been thinking lots lately!

OK, first off, I am biting my nails off with impatience because most of the layouts I've made recently, I can't show. It's hard for me not to be able to post them, I love me some praise, what can I say??!?!?! First, there are the 3 pages I made for the SR call (see below). I am allowed to show them but I think like most people trying out, I'm keeping them secret. I'm not afraid people will "steal" my ideas, but I don't want to "give" my ideas to others, KWIM? So I'm keeping those under wraps. Then, there are my 4 projects for Scrapbook Centrale's DT. I can't show those quite yet... but soon! And THEN, there are the pages I'm creating hoping to make it into Style & Scrap's next issue. Understandably, they prefer pages that haven't been shown before. So I figure there's more chance of them picking one of my layouts if I don't put them in my gallery. The call ends September 15th, so I have a looooong time to wait before being able to post them. Don't you just wish mags had the time and man-power to send you an email back saying "thank you, but your lo is crap, we wont be publishing it"! At least, we'd know we can move on, LOL! And it's been bugging me because I made a lo based on this sketch:

For balance's sake, I had to invert the title and the journaling. If I hadn't, it would've looked to bottom-heavy. But you can clearly see the sketch's "bones" in it. I'm just worried they wont choose it b/c I didn't follow the sketch enough. Thing is, I loooove this page. Very simple, yet very pretty, if I do say so myself! I'm thinking of submitting it elsewhere, I don't want to wait until September to then be told "no thank you", you know??

On another note, Baby is moving like crazy! Sean never moved this much! I am five months pregnant, and I am finally starting to show, although you can tell people still aren't quite sure. I saw some of Mélane's pics of when she was 23 weeks pregnant (I'm at 22.5) and I don't have a belly that big at all! At the most, I have a bulge, and it looks more like fat than a baby, LOL! Anyway, Baby moves a LOT and seems to be stuck on my bladder. I know it's normal to have to pee often, but I keep getting these kicks, and they are pretty bad! At least, Keith can finally feel the baby moving, so that's always fun!!

I know people have different styles of parenting, and that's okay. But sometimes, I wanna say: "geez, relax!" Like this morning, while walking to the park, there was a big puddle of water in the street. While we were crossing, I made sure Sean and I stepped right in it and splashed the water. I knew Sean would find it fun. Well, honest to God, 2 people on the street gave me a weird look, like I was crazy! What?? I should say "no", just because? Am I a bad parent because I do that? NO! My son wants me to push him as high as I can on the swing, and I do. Meanwhile, I see other parents, with kids obviously older and bigger than Sean, afraid of pushing their kids too high! Trust me, the kid will let you know if he/she's scared!! I believe in letting him try almost whatever he wants, as long as it's not dangerous to him or others. I grew up afraid of trying anything and everything, and there's is no way Sean will be like that. So, we walked in a puddle... WHO CARES??? We didn't hurt anyone. We weren't dressed in our Sunday best. Sean had fun, and truth be told, so did I! There are enough instances in this world where we have to say "no" to our child. I believe in picking my battles. It makes for a much happier child, and a more relaxed mommy too, LOL!


~Caro~ said...

You're SO right! I can't stand parents who are right behind their child making sure s/he doesn't fall or fail or whatever! Let the kid LIVE, geez!! Have fun, be a kid with your kid... That was great of you to splash with Sean.My kids have been having fun playing in puddles lately too! Oy!
Today... since I finished my MMM entry and wanted to resource to get my mojo going, I scrtapped with the kids. Etienne for 5 hours, Bea for 20 minutes *snort* and Xavier for 1½ hours. So cool. I'm exhausted, of course, but it was so awesome to spend that time with them.

christina said...

you are right claude, i also believe in letting my children live life and splashing in puddles is fun LOL. ppl used to look at me strange because i let my son at age 4 climb our rock wall that was on our house. now mind you it wasn't all that tall. both of my kids are venturous and there is nothing wrong with that LOL. i think the ppl that caudle their kids too much are the strange ones LOL