Friday, April 07, 2006

When there's nothing to write about...

you know, i keep wondering how some people can write on their blog every single day... force of habit, i guess. i can't seem to find stuff to talk about. i mean, my last 2 posts were about american idol, that's got to tell you something! i was never one to hold a diary. i wanted to, but never did. i never found i had interesting things to say. funny, considering i was writing lots of poems and short stories. now, i struggle. ideas aren't there.

or i guess my inspiration has evolved. instead of writing poems, i scrapbook. different, but still creative. i am amazed that some people can do both so well, though. i guess i just keep envying people instead of being grateful for what i can do.

oh well. i did manage to write 2 paragraphs about nothing... that's a start!

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