Tuesday, October 25, 2005


For two years, I scrapped exclusively in 8.5X11. I felt 12X12 was too big for me, didn't think I could do it. Then, about 4-5 months ago, I tried my first 12X12 I've been hooked ever since! I would never give up on 8.5X12, but it's nice to know I'm not confined to one size.

However, I hate the scanning part! Well, mostly, the stiching part, lol! I always get shadows, one side that's darker, etc. I can't figure it out! UGH!!!!!!

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~Caro~ said...

Ok, you're gonna have to go into your settings (if you want me to do it let me know LOL) and make it so people who leave you comments have to add a word verification before they post. This will prevent the spamming.

For the scanning, once you have a better computer, I will give you the stitching program called PhotoStitch. It's seamless.